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JOHN VIGREN taught himself landscape photography by studying web fora and the published images and
writings of recognized masters. John's images demonstrate tremendous versatility in both blackand white and color, infrared and visible light. Preferring the visual power and technical challenge of transparency film over digital sensors, John shoots with 35mm, medium-format and 4x5-inch view cameras.

"God creates natural beauty, so why call myself an artist? Can't anyone make the same pictures from similar scenes, cameras and lenses? No. In seeing I create an inner picture with my peculiar eye, mind, imagination, and life experience. But more, you and I don't see quite the same way, even optically; no two people do. Numerous scientific studies attest to that fact.

"I've carried a vision of the physical world since I was old enough to walk; we all have. My cameras cannot transmit that vision without a good deal of help from me. I pray you find, here, intimations of the Hand that made both the changing light where I stood, and the eye, mind and imagination that captured it."

John Vigren Photography
12 Prospect Avenue
Blairstown, NJ 07825
(908) 406-0360